Summer Camp

BCNY offers six weeks of all-day summer camp at each of our clubhouses. At summer camp members enjoy swimming, fitness and athletics, music, art, field trips and week-long excursions to our sleepaway camp in upstate New York.

To be eligible for summer camp a boy must be a current member and meet attendance requirements during the Program Year. Summer Camp costs $25 per member, $35 for a family with two or more members.

Please note, you must register your son in person.

Summer Camp registration dates and times:

TBA! Registration dates and times will be announced during the 2018 Spring Cycle.

Sleepaway Camp at Harriman State Park

BCNY’s Wilderness Camp Facility at Harriman State Park

Additional details about Sleepaway Camp at Harriman State Park will be announced soon. Check here for more information in the coming weeks.

BCNY’s wilderness camp facility is located at Harriman State Park. Our camp at Harriman State Park provides an opportunity for junior and teen members to explore the great outdoors and have an overnight camp experience rich with adventure! Lead by Camp Director Otha Caldwell and Assistant Camp Director Amar Kelly, our summer camp programming is designed with our members in mind and focuses on community building, creating shared experiences, wilderness exploration and self-discovery.

The entrance to BCNY’s Sleepaway Camp at Harriman State Park is located on Arden Valley Road at the turn for Sunrise Road. Click here to view the entrance location in Google Maps.

  • BCNY’s Sleepaway Camp at Harriman State Park FAQs

    Why is BCNY’s wilderness camp facility in Harriman State Park?
    Our location in New York’s Harriman State Park provides us with many advantages. In a beautiful natural setting, with only other camps for neighbors, our site between two lakes is isolated from commercial and private land use. We have easy access to all Harriman State Park amenities such as hiking on the network of trails maintained by the park, canoeing through adjacent lakes, and camping out at park sites. As part of the park system, we also have the added security of the very diligent Park Police Force.

    How will members get to Sleepaway Camp?
    Travel to Sleepaway Camp will be by van or bus. Pick-up and drop-off will be at BCNY Clubhouses.

    What if my BCNY member is in summer school?
    Schedule accommodations will be made for members in summer school. Please see your age-group director.

    What will members do at sleepaway camp?
    Members will enjoy camp activities like making s’mores by the fire, swimming, fishing, hiking and teamwork challenges. They will learn the basics of camping outdoors like setting up a tent, building a fire, plant identification, stalking and tracking and navigating with a map and compass.

    What makes BCNY’s sleepaway camp different than any other camp offered in New York?
    A special part of the BCNY Summer Camp experience will be nightly circle discussions about masculinity and identity.

  • Camp Emergency Contact Info

    Otha Caldwell, Camp Director:
    Amar Kelly, Assistant Camp Director:
    Camp phone number: 8459153638

    If a medical emergency happens while your BCNY member is at camp, you will be notified immediately. There is an EMT on staff who is able to provide emergency care. The closest hospitals to camp are Good Samaritan Hospital and VA Hudson Valley Health Care System.

  • Camp Homesickness Policy

    Many campers experience homesickness in some way. It is healthy to feel a certain degree of homesickness, but we also want our members to have fun and enjoy the full sleepaway camp experience.

    Tips for parents/guardians to help prepare BCNY members for sleepaway camp:

    • Involve your member in the decision about going to sleepaway camp. While a camp experience is wonderful for most kids, it is not for everyone.
    • If, after your best efforts, your BCNY member says, “I don’t want to go to camp,” you might want to look at an alternative for that week your child is expected to be away.
    • Have your member experience success in another type of overnight stay away from you – like a sleepover – prior to going to camp.
    • Never tell your member he can leave early if he doesn’t like camp as it sets him up for failure and he will focus on the “deal” instead of the experience.
    • Help your BCNY member understand the policy concerning phone calls (members may not call home and parents may not call members) prior to camp so he will not be expecting to hear from you.

    Homesickness Policy

    The first person to handle homesickness is the BCNY Staff Member that a homesick member is most comfortable with. They will spend one-on-one time with the homesick member and set short-term goals for him to reach. Every effort will be made to have the homesick member make it through the first night, as this is that is the most difficult time.

    BCNY members will not be allowed to call home. If staff are unable to resolve a homesick member’s distress after 30 to 60 minutes the member will be brought to the Camp Director.

    If the BCNY member still wants to go home, arrangements will be made to contact the member’s parent/guardian, to advise camp staff on how to proceed. If a parent/guardian is contacted, the following parameters will be followed:

    • Camp staff will call the parent/guardian while the child is NOT present
    • Parents/guardians are to be fully briefed of the situation
    • Inquiries can be made about any home or medical situations that may be causing the homesickness.
    • The parent/guardian is invited to leave their BCNY member a message or send emails if they want him to stay at camp but feel it best that they do not speak to him.

    At this point, the option to take the member home or leave him at camp remains with the parents/guardians. This decision needs to be made quickly and with certainty.

    If the member stays, BCNY staff will contact them once or twice during the rest of the week-long trip to inform the parent/guardian how the member is doing.

    If the member continues to be inconsolable, then, in the interest of the homesick member, the other members and the wellbeing of the camp, parents/guardians will be encouraged to pick up their BCNY member as soon as possible.

    If the parent/guardian decide to pick up their member they should contact Camp Director Otha Caldwell to make arrangements. Once a member is picked up from camp, they will not be able to return during the duration of their scheduled trip.